Wednesday, 17 August 2011


they had found her in the room. But she did not want to open any topic. She did not want to speak. “I think, he had already rejected me, seeing me paralyzed,” her mind gave her the convincing answer. She did not want Ferit to say anything to her. She could not bear his presence anymore. She wanted him to leave.

Ferit put the flowers on the table, and asked her condition. There was no answer. But her eyes were replying. He saw deep sorrow and hopelessness in her eyes. “No don’t worry, you will be fine, don’t worry,” he could not find any other words to console her. Her eyes displayed a clear sign of disbelief, which reminded Ferit of the hollowness of his words. He did know the condition.

He found her case file on the table. He opened it. As expected the answer of his last question was there. She was hospitalized the last week too.  That was the reason for her not replying to the messages of Kamal.

Ferit left the room, to work further on his plan.

Back in his room Ferit restarted the half finished job. After blocking the account of Applegreen, he had opened a new account in the name of Feriha. He had deliberately decided to use her real name. He was waiting for Kamal to respond. He had already sent a message for him from Feriha. “He would respond, once he gets a new laptop” he was confident of his plan. 

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