Thursday, 18 August 2011


“Come on Deniz, don’t do this to me,” Mehmet whispered in her ear, kissing that deeply at the same time. Her eyes were still closed, but she had sensed love in his voice. Still sleeping, she took hold of his face, and dragged that near to hers.
The two lips glued, as if they would never part away. Mehmet was melting away in heat of his love for her. He had already been through the heat of hate too. Her black nightie had already given way to him. Most part of her thighs was open. He started slipping down the black straps of her shoulders. Their lips were still attached to each other. Her hands were busy caressing his chest. Both of them had started entering into another phase of their love that moment.

He wanted to take his lips down her neck to proceed further to the area of his interest, but she was in no mood of letting him part his lips from hers. She wanted him to remain still and letting her suck.

Mehmet started bringing down his hands from the sides of her heads, towards her neck. She did have a long beautiful neck. He always liked that. He was very fond of kissing her neck and to hold that in his hands. He was not in a position to kiss her neck, as she was not letting him go there. He slipped his hands to her neck.

He was touching her neck so softly as if he was rubbing some flower. She had had a very smooth skin. His both hands had covered the most part of her neck. His both thumbs had met each other just in front of her neck, the palms and the fingers had covered the width of her neck.

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