Wednesday, 17 August 2011


how he had found Ferit Ozturk. She had not read many more messages of his.

She was panicked. She was excited. Her mind stopped working. She wanted to do something urgently, but was unable to do anything at all. She felt as if she had lost all of her energy. She wanted to contact Kamal instantly.

“My God, he is really a crazy person. How can anybody find a girl, in this so big city called Istanbul.” she was in tears. She was trembling, her body shaking. The ongoing steady knocking sound in her brain had started pinching her as a nail. She clasped her head. No way. She could not stop herself falling deep and deep into the well hauntingly echoed by that unending sound. She appeared having lost herself.

Feriha was no more there. Applegreen had taken her place

“I must tell him my address immediately,” she said in a louder voice, almost shouting. She had realized that too much valuable time had already been lost. . There was nobody in the house. She was alone. She was still pressing her fingers. The numbness of her fingers was increasing. “Am I going to have another attack,” she said to herself. Most part of her fingers had stopped functioning.

She must write down her address to Kamal, before her fingers stop working. That was the only way to survival for the both. One last message, before her fingers stop functioning.

With great difficulty she started writing the message.

The numbness of her fingers had started affecting her arms too. She did not know, she was having a stroke of paralyses. .

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