Wednesday, 17 August 2011


opened at 7pm, the next evening. There was nothing more left to be done. Ferit had already taken care of everything.

Ferit had arranged for a small meeting of Kamal, with the journalists of local newspapers, that evening, at the hotel.
He had brought with himself, a couple of selected paintings too. He had already got published a brochure mentioning list of previous painting exhibitions of Kamal, both in Pakistan and in other countries. Ferit had expected more but in total 4 local journalists came to meet Kamal that evening. Ferit was disappointed. But Kamal, did know the world of the press. He had been dealing with the journalists in Pakistan and in some other countries. He knew that even the interest of these four journalists in him, is a good response from the press. After all he was a foreigner, and an artist. Not much was expected from the journalists.

Kamal, was very impressed by the arrangements made by Ferit. He was not expecting such a reception in his honor. He was too obliged to Ferit. But at the same time he was very depressed, because Ferit had not told him the address of the lady to whom he had sold the second painting of the two tulips. “That lady is my Applegreen”, he said to himself with a deep hard breath. He was feeling himself helpless.

“Would you like to say something about your paintings, in which you had painted a beautiful lady but did not show her face? Who was she?” a journalist raised this question. The paintings that Ferit had brought from the exhibition hall to be shown to the press did include two of such paintings, which Kamal had exhibited in his last

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