Thursday, 18 August 2011


was always having that in plenty all the time. Her eyes were set on Olympic medals.

Her life was no more in her own hands. She was leading her life under a strict programme given to her by her trainer. He was very strict. Together with other national probable, she was in the national camp. They were not allowed to go to their homes, even if they were living in Istanbul.  

Her life was busy in her schedule. The death anniversary of her father happened to fall during the days of her training camp. She managed to get a special leave for a night from her trainer. She spent that night with her mother.

The next morning, when she woke up, she was already late. She had to be in the camp by 7 am. It was already 6.30. There was no way for her but to run through a shortcut. Her training camp was not very far from her residence. She could have gone by the tramway or bus. But she decided not to wait for either of them. “If I run through that long park, I would be able to reach the camp in time”, she said to herself. Yes that was a short cut.
The short cut to the camp meant, running across the old historic park. It was a beautiful park, with huge old trees
most of which were perhaps planted by the Ottomans. There were plants with flowers of all colors, spread all over the park. A long red stone pavement waved through the park. She had had to run over that pavement, to reach the camp in time. Otherwise she would have to run five additional tours of the 400 meters track, as penalty for being late.

“I must get my hair cut,” she said to herself, while trying to collect her long hair in some form whatever. Time was very short. Her coach, originally asked her to cut them

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