Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                CHAPTER 6

Kamal`s mind had solved the problem, as they were nearing the sixth painting, the painting of the hairy puppy. The problem that had appeared so difficult in the beginning ultimately became so simple, that Kamal could not control his laughter, after he understood the whole situation.

“Look I tell you”, his mind started unfolding the delicacies of the confused situation. The explanation put forth by his mind was simple. His pink lady wanted to test him. It was as simple as that. He recalled that once he had offered her that she could test him anytime, and he would prove his love for her. At another occasion, he remembered, himself saying that he would one day find her. “I don’t mind you continue playing with me by not telling me anything about you. You like to play like that. So continue like that. Make yourself happy, if you think
this sort of attitude of yours makes you happy. But you are doing this because you don’t still fathom the depth of my feelings for you. Even if you don’t tell me anything, make it sure, one day you will find me in front of you. I will find you Pink lady, you cooperate with me or not. Keep it in your mind, and never forget that.” He recalled having written to her.

“She loves you Kamal, but she never wants to be an easy prey”, his mind continued. “Eager to meet you, she wanted to see if you could find her. But she did not want to put you to an unsolvable puzzle. She not only first gave you the main clue to come to the stage, but also arranged for the next and the last step, provided once you complete the earlier stages. It was a multi phased puzzle,”

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