Wednesday, 17 August 2011


same locality. But where, there were so many multi storied buildings in Kadikoy.

Susanta started thinking on the facts that Ferit had explained. He started concentrating on the different colors of the curtains. Their different color meant that there were two different houses, but the placement of the curtains was identical. As if first the photo was taken with pink curtains, and then the pink curtains were taken off and the white curtains were hanged at the same place to take the second photo.

There was only one possible solution left. Susanta declared that. “Do you know the place where Deniz and Mehmet live ?,” he asked. Ferit nodded. “Then the only logical explanation is that both Deniz and that lady who had bought the same painting do live in the same building.” said Susanta. He had succeeded in finding yet another piece of the puzzle.

But who was the person who visited the studio in the morning, and why that photo was given to him by that unnamed lady? Those were the questions that remained unanswered.

“I think we must now first go to Mehmet, and explain the situation to him,” Ferit said. But Susanta was still thinking whether it would be proper for him to go and meet her husband. He was sure that Mehmet would misunderstand the whole situation. He had understood that Deniz had not told her husband anything about him.

They both decided to take the next step. There was no other option but to visit Mehmet. But they both were still  double minded. Should they go or not? But at that point it had become of secondary importance. Where was the visitor and what had

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