Thursday, 18 August 2011


“He is an Indian,” that was all that Mehmet could deduce.

Which one of them was the Susanta, who had, in his opinion had taken his Deniz away from him.

“I will kill all of them. I will not leave any of them alive,” said Mehmet, who was just moments away was planning to take Deniz to his village. All his dreams had been broken.

Mehmet tried to cool himself. He had big work ahead of him. He started planning out his next move.

“Deniz, the biggest culprit of them all, must go first,” Mehmet announced his decision, his eyes were still red.

Mehmet restarted waiting for Deniz. He was waiting earlier too, but now it was different. He had finalized his plan to get rid of his beloved wife. Deniz. “My mother was correct. These city girls are not worth loving They don’t know what love means. Only a village girl can understand a village boy, and a village boy can have good married life only with a village girl”, he said to himself.

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