Wednesday, 17 August 2011


                                  CHAPTER 39

He was sitting on a wheelchair, Kamal was received by one of his friends, on the Karachi airport. “I must buy a laptop first. I lost mine,” that was the first sentence that he said to his friend. His friend was taken aback by the tone of indifference in his voice. “I think you must have some rest first,” his friend tried to be cool. His friend had in fact did not even know the reason for his hurriedly departure last week. Nobody even knew that he was in Istanbul. A newspaper man got the news about his being injured in Istanbul, and put up a news in the newspaper that morning, mentioning the flight with which he would becoming,. “He is fortunate that I read the news, otherwise, he would have to arrange for everything here with this broken leg,” his friend said to himself, still trying to keep his cool.

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