Thursday, 18 August 2011


Frustrated, Deniz decided to redecorate the studio by herself. She had realized that Ferit was mentally not present there. There was not much time left. It was already late, and next morning Susanta was coming. Susanta the Indian art dealer settled in singapur, who was coming the next morning to attend a painting exhibition in Istanbul. And Ferit appeared so non-serious about the whole issue.

But Ferit joined her as she started collecting her brushes and colour tubes that were spread everywhere in the otherwise small studio. They put them in the drawers. He started brushing the floor, as she put the tea glasses in order. Once finished the stage of selection of paintings started. It was difficult to decide. There were so many

paintings, that Ferit was preparing for his next exhibition. They both discussed each and every painting, and decided which one should be hanged where. Deniz wanted to attract Susanta, instantly, by putting the most impressive paintings on the wall facing the entrance.

When they finished their work, it was dark, but not too late. Deniz looked at her watch, there were still two hours left for arrival of Mehmet from his job. But both of them were so busy that they did not see Mehmet passing in front of the studio. He was waiting for Deniz to come. An hour had already passed.

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