Wednesday, 17 August 2011


With the help of a nurse, he found the telephone number of Ferit. In fact, he did not know anybody else, but Ferit. Contacting Mehmet was out of question.

Ferit was finalizing another plan, when the phone bell rang. The caller was none else but Kamal, who was calling him from the hospital. Ferit did want to speak to him, bringing in Kamal into picture at that particular stage would ruin his latest plan. He told Kamal, that he was out of the city, and would not be able to return for a month. When asked he told Kamal, that when he had fallen, his laptop was totally smashed, and that was thrown out in the dustbin. He promised, Kamal, that he would contact somebody in Kadikoy to bring his bag to him in the hospital. Kamal, finished the call, with a very heavy heart.

He wanted to contact Applegreen, but lying in his bed, with one of his legs plastered, and head in bandages, under doctor’s observations, he could not do anything else but to wait. He was under the influence of high potency pain killers, He was feeling dizzy. He slept.

Somebody had touched his hand smoothly. It was like a feather, but he opened his eyes. He was shocked. Dressed in her pink dress flowing down to her toes, standing by his bed was none else but Applegreen. He wanted to ask as to how could she manage to reach him, but his voice had choked. He could not say anything. “Is it a dream,” he wanted to make sure by biting his tongue. But no, she was none else but her, standing there, just by his side.

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