Thursday, 18 August 2011


and illogical. His mind needed fresh energy to restart his endeavors to understand the situation.

He must think over all possible probabilities of the situation. But he needed time for that. The situation was taking so sudden turns that he was not able to concentrate. His mind needed time.


 “Had Deniz not told her husband about the arrival of the art dealer from Singapore”, Ferit was thinking, still shocked from literally abduction of his guest. The guest, who had come to him to introduce him to the world of international art. His whole future now seemed doomed.

Ferit thought that there were two options, in this case. First, Deniz had told Mehmet the whole story……..about her arrangement with the art collector of Singapore, and regarding her part in arranging a meeting between the two. But he did know the type of person Mehmet was.

Under the second assumption, Deniz might have not told anything to her husband. But from somewhere he got the knowledge of what Deniz was trying to do. So he (Mehmet) was trying to understand the situation.

But if that was the case, Mehmet should have spoken to Ferit, and not Kamal.

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