Wednesday, 17 August 2011


layman logic,” said Ferit. He recalled the days when he was studying art in the college, and used to live with friends in a flat. They used to put the extra key, under the frontdoor mat. A green mat was there. He looked but the key was not there.

Then where the key could might be?. All three of them, were thinking, without giving any thought of a very serious issue.

Entering into the residence of somebody else without permission might create too many legal complications for them. But they were not thinking at that time. Ferit, in particular had sensed truth in the message that he had read. He had believed that the lady in flat number 8 was really in need of urgent medical attention. But finding the key was of prime importance then. They looked at other possible places, and found it ultimately from behind the electricity meter box.   

They entered the sitting room. The furniture was of medium standard, but nicely decorated, exhibiting the artistic approach of the owner. Feriha was resting on the armchair. Her arms were hanging down from the sides of the chair. All three of them, stopped right in the entrance of the sitting room, stunned. They had now realized the seriousness of the situation. Feriha was not dying. She was sitting there resting on the armchair. Her laptop was there opened in front of her, on the small table.

“Have we done a mistake”? They all thought at the same time, thinking that the lady would turn around and shout, HELP and they would end up in the police lock up. They waited holding their breaths, for the worst to happen. But nothing happened. The posture of the lady on the armchair did not change. She did not turn back to look at them. Ferit rushed to her. Looking at her, he thought that he had seen that face earlier, but he could not make it out then.

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