Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“Ok, let I see if he missed me or not,” she said, while trying to enter into her page. There were too many messages from him. “Should I start reading from the first or from the last one,” she asked herself. She was undecided but was too eager to read all of them. But she must have to start from somewhere. So she decided to read his last message first.

“Oh my God,” she cried. She had never thought of situation taking that big a turn. She was shocked. In his last message Kamal had written that he had arrived in Istanbul, and would ultimately succeed in finding her. That was something she had never thought of.

She recalled their last messages, and everything became crystal clear before her eyes. She recalled her giving him the challenge to find her. But she had thought all that as fun. She had not taken those last messages too seriously. But she realized that on the other end of the net, he had not taken those messages as part of the ongoing fun. He had taken those messages seriously.

She quickly moved on to other messages. Her eyes started broadening while reading every next line. Her mind started giving a steady knocking sound from inside. The sound that was putting pressure on her nerves more and more. She realized that Kamal did love her very honestly. Every new message was further strengthening her belief.

But how could he reach her. Feriha started writing a new message. She was in a hurry. She must have contacted him without any further delay. She had not read all of his messages. She had not read the message where he had explained his expected line of action, his theories about the painting and why she had put that on her profile. She had also not read the message where he had mentioned

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