Thursday, 18 August 2011


His mind told him that his Pink lady wanted to see if he could succeed in picking up the first clue. It was nothing else but the photo of the painting of the two tulips, which she had put on her profile on DABEGGO. The next step was to find the artist of the painting. Then to reach the artist in Kadikoy, Istanbul. She had wanted him to reach the studio of Ferit. In fact, according to the explanation of his mind, that much must be sufficient for her, so she had already arranged for the last step, which would take him to her. He believed that

She had already told Ferit about him, and Ferit was supposed to take him to her.

“That was the reason behind his waiting for me, because she had already told him about you,” his mind had solved
the problem in a very logical manner. He seemed   satisfied.

He laughed, thinking that he would not tell anything to Ferit. He however did not want to ignore Ferit. He thought that he should make Ferit happy by looking at his paintings. “After all, he would take me to her in the last,” he consoled himself, and continued giving his views about his paintings.

“It was so simple. How come I could not understand that at the first stage? ,” Kamal thought. But it was not of much importance at that stage, since the problem had appeared solved. He was satisfied.

“But may be she would be coming here by herself,” his mind came out with yet another idea, with a happy note.  In his opinion, that might have been the reason behind Ferit`s first showing his paintings, and then a desire to discuss “something” with him. “He perhaps wants to keep me busy till she arrives”, he thought. His mind had linked the second part of the problem with a happy note.

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