Thursday, 18 August 2011


“Hoshbolduk”, came the reply from Mehmet. “Why has he come at this moment?” the same question flashed through the minds of the two artists. Kamal, however was not too excited as he did not know the visitor, and why he was there. “He might be someone wanted to look for paintings”, he had thought. But of course he was extremely uneasy as the entrance of Mehmet had prolonged the game, which had entered its last stage, and the end result was appeared so clear and near. According to his understanding, his Pink lady was just a step away from him, Mehmet`s entry at that stage had blurred his pink lady’s face.

Mehmet sensed a feeling of being disturbed, from both of them, but he had had to be there. He had come to settle his score with the art dealer from Singapore and Ferit. Both of them, in his opinion had taken his beloved Deniz from him.

“Yes Mehmet, what can I do for you,” Ferit asked. “Nothing,”came the short reply. His mind was not clear about his next step. But he was there to settle the score with both of them.

He saw the photo of two tulips on the table. “The photograph of the painting in my sitting room”, he continued, with a very deep expression of excitement and sorrow in his voice.

It was Kamal`s turn to be shocked. “What?”, he could not stop this word slipping out of his lips. But he controlled his voice, nobody, already shocked, could hear that. “I think you should come with me”, Mehmet extended his hand towards Kamal, who under the extreme pressure of so abruptly changing situation, found himself
mesmerized. Kamal, stood on his feet, holding Mehmet`s hand.

Ferit simply could not understand, what had happened. There were too many questions, flashing into his mind, all rushing at the same time, literally stopping his mind from functioning.

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