Wednesday, 17 August 2011


                                   CHAPTER 33

The main door of the building was shut. Hurriedly Ferit pressed the bells of all the flats of the building one by one. Someone from any of the eight flats opened the door. Ferit immediately entered the building, Susanta was behind him.

It was the sixth sense of both Ferit and Susanta, which made them look upwards, towards the staircase. They saw Kamal falling down the stairs, as if flying, trying to find some support from somewhere. There wasn’t any support for him. He landed with a big thud, after striking the wall. He had fallen. They were stunned.

Mehmet followed him, rushing downward, jumping two steps at a time. His plan had worked. It appeared so natural. Nobody would ever know that he had pushed Kamal from back. Only Kamal would know, but he was in a very bad state of affairs – unconscious, almost dead.

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