Wednesday, 17 August 2011

my account, so I could not open that. So I opened this new account. I hope you would like the title of Feriha…..hahahahahah

She appeared full of life.

“So she does not know anything, at all,” Kamal was puzzled. Thinking that she had not read any of his messages. All his messages, that he had sent to her, during the last week, were lost in her old account, and now she was starting afresh, as Feriha. Applegreen was no more. He decided not to bother her by what had happened during that period. He decided not to tell her anything about his adventures in Istanbul. He wanted to bury that incident. He wanted to continue trying to gain her more confidence and possibly some more information that would help him more in searching her in future.

“Even if I tell her that I went to Istanbul to find her and narrate to her all that had happened, she would never believe that and that would further reduce my future chances of finding her,” Kamal said to himself. He decided to continue as usual, as if nothing had happened.

This is what Ferit too had thought.

He wrote back……….

Ferit read the much awaited reply.


Ferit was happy, his plan had started working. Everything was going fine. Ferit, under the user name of Feriha exchanged a lot of messages with Kamal that evening. Kamal could never realize that the person sitting on the other side of the net was not his beloved Feriha. He was Ferit, who was trying to keep their love for each other alive. He did not want Kamal to know the sad state of affairs of Feriha.

“One day some miracle would happen, and they would be united again,” Ferit had thought and was working on his plan to reach this goal. He was waiting for a miracle

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