Thursday, 18 August 2011


On their back, she asked Mehmet when he would finish his duty that date. “At five”, he had answered. “But why,” he could not stop himself from asking. “Actually I feel very sorry for disturbing like that. You were very kind to me. Would you mind to accept my invitation. If I take you out for a dinner this night,” she said. Mehmet was just listening, standing. He was still thinking if all that his ears were hearing was true. He had started deriving meaning of her behavior of the last two days. “Is she in love with me,” he had asked himself. But perhaps it was too early to say anything like that. He decided to let the plot unfold by itself.

Deniz left the restorant, after saying sorry to the owner .
Mehmet restarted working. His mind was busy in what he had been through minutes earlier. He started waiting for the evening.

They walked for hours, till it was dark. They were in the Eminonu area, looking at the ferry boats coming and going. The area as usual was bubbling up with people. They had covered over 5 kilometers on foot, and she had not yet started feeling tired. She had been talking to Mehmet most of the time. As the time went by Mehmet too had started enjoying the walk, talking. But he was a bit cautious. Both of them had declared their deep love for each other. They were joking and laughing. The tense period had ended. They were in love.

“How about having this fish and bread,” she said. He agreed immediately. The fish and bread, just by the side of the sea, had become a specialty of that place. They sat

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