Wednesday, 17 August 2011


                                  CHAPTER 30

The flowing water gave her body a relief. She wanted to stand indefinitely under the shower. She was looking at herself in the glowing white tiles of the bathroom, where a dim reflection of her body under the water was giving her a glimpse of her own body. She continued looking in the tiles, trying to find out what the years passed by had taken away of her beautiful body. Lastly her eyes slowly went down towards the floor, where the flowing water off her body was finally going away. She continued looking at that very point with interest. She had felt her past waning away with the flowing water. A new Fariha was in the making. Her past had gone down the drain. She felt herself entering into a new phase of her life. She apeared so cool but very much excited. She was lost in the mixed feelings of diverse nature. She just wanted to continue standing under the flowing water. She wanted to enjoy those moments of high relief, but could not. She had had to send message to Kamal. A new phase of her life was about to begin, together with Kamal. She was all hope, feeling the juice of happiness flowing past her veins and into the nerves.

Out of the shower, she did not wrap her wet hair by the towel. She wanted to continue enjoying the coolness of the falling droplets on her naked body. With her bathing gown in her hand she preferred to walk naked to the wardrobe. There was a new grace in her walk. Tiny water drops were slipping down from her hair to her tows, passing through different parts of her body. She wanted to look at herself in the wardrobe mirror. A line of water followed her from the bathroom to her bedroom.

Feriha was standing there in front of the mirror. She had dropped the bathing gown too. There was a smart young lady scanning her body from the mirror. She looked at herself from top to the bottom. All these years of inactivity had made its mark on her body. She raised her finger and started touching all parts of her body from top, one by one. She was touching lightly the areas that she approved and pinched her finger hard in the areas that she did not like.

“I must restarted running,” she said to herself. She once again looked at the parts of her body that she had pinched with her finger. “Hahahahahaha, but I am an aged lady now.” She laughed at herself. But in her mind she was preparing the plan how to win back the smartness of the body of Feriha.. the runner…the sprinter. A new Feriha, with strong determination was looking at her in the mirror. She again looked back at her body, and with a smile on her face she picked up her gown and started wrapping herself slowly. She watched the beautiful body of hers swiftly taking the shape of pink bathing gown.

YOU ARE MY PINK LADY. She found herself stunned by recalling those words of his. The words that had changed her life. She smiled. She heard a soft masculine voice just by her left ear, YOU ARE MY PINK LADY. She turned and laughed. There was nobody. Something had touched her heart. Her hands that were tying the belt of her gown, stopped. She stopped and looked back into the mirror. The pink lady in the mirror was slowly unknotting the pink gown. She watched the pink gown slowly dropping off her shoulders and then falling down around her ankles. She was now face to face with the pink lady in the mirror.

“Am I the pink lady?,” she asked herself. Small water driplets were still hanging by the tips of her hair, here and there. Her eyes were shining. Her pink lips were all smile. She again looked at the body standing in front of her in the mirror. “Yes, I am his pink lady,” she announced her decision, and pulled the gown up and restarted knotting it.

The CD player was then playing another song by Sevval San. She was still singing with her. She was not a singer. Her voice too wasn’t impressive. But she wanted to sing. Something from inside her heart, was forcing her to sing and dance. She started dancing, still in her bathing gown.

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