Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                CHAPTER 20

“Look at this painting,” Deniz had told Mehmet, when she had hanged the painting of two tulips, next to the window, in the city room. “It looks as if one flower is trying to kiss the other”, she had said. Obviously looking from that point of view, that might have been the idea in Ferit`s mind while painting. Or he too might have missed that point.

She recalled that when they bought that painting from Ferit, they could not find any other place in their sitting room to hang it. The doors of the bedroom on one side and those of the kitchen and toilet on the other side had not left any other place left for that. There was a fire place in the corner of the room. They had hanged the painting in middle of the front wall, with the window and the door opening into the balcony. That was the only place.

Deeply in love with Mehmet, Deniz could not stop herself resembling the two flowers to them. Mehmet laughed at the idea, when she told her. But he did have realized the depth of her love. That frequent display of her love for him, always forced him to fall in love with her everyday once again. Those were the days like that.

Deniz was lost in her dreams. She was still sitting on the same sofa. Her head was resting on the shoulder of

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