Thursday, 18 August 2011


That was the painting, which was the only link between him and his Applegreen (Pink lady). The same painting was expected to lead him to her. He had thought that the same painting would lead him to his Pink Lady. That was the painting that had brought him to Istanbul. The same painting had put him in the situation that he was there. He was continuously looking at the painting, since he arrived into the room.

“This painting has put me into this trouble, I think it would take me out of it too,” he himself did not believe in what he was thinking.

“I think, it would be better if we have a cup of tea,” Mehmet asked him so politely, that he could not believe his ears. Mehmet, who was shouting and barking, a couple of moments ago, had become a very polite and courteous person. “What has made him changed,” Kamal tried to think, but failed to find any reasonable reason for the change. But Mehmet did know. He had changed his plan. Actually, Kamal too wanted to have some rest. A cup of tea would obviously help him in easing his otherwise tense nerves. He agreed to have a cup of tea.

Mehmet went towards the kitchen.

Kamal took a sigh of relief, seeing Mehmet go away from the scene. Events were unfolding so quickly, since his arrival, this morning so he could not take any rest. He was tense, and needed rest. He put back his head on the back of the sofa, extended his legs under the table, and closed his eyes. His mind took him back to his childhood.

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