Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                  CHAPTER 16

“Why do you always wear this apple green scarf”, Ferit asked Deniz, while opening the knot of the scarf. She was sitting on the chair in front of him. “You know I liked you from the very first day, when I saw you in the exhibition of my paintings,”said he. Deniz was speechless. Her favorite apple green scarf had given way, and was now lying on the table. She looked in his eyes. He was bending over her. She was shaking with the myth of her emotions. She had lost her sense of what was going on. She was speechless.

His right hand touched her silky black hair. “You are very beautiful”, he said, kissing her hair. His left hand had held her head from the back. She was all his, and he had sensed that. His lips moved down from her hair to


her eyes. Her eyes were closed, but she was sensing the pressure of his lips there. It was stunning.

“I always like your this tiny nose”, he was kissing her nose. Indeed that was tiny, a bit broad. She had never liked her nose. Hers was a classical Philippine nose. She remembered, she had always been uneasy when her classmates in the primary school used to make fun of her nose. So many times she had complained to the teacher of the students calling her a Filipino. She always wanted to go through operation to give her nose a beautiful shape. “But here this man is saying that he loves my nose”, she said to himself. “If he likes it, I too”, Deniz had given her decision.

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