Thursday, 18 August 2011


 Mehmet. The half finished sandwich was still lying on the table,    in front of her. Her favourite drama serial had ended. Mehmet had again changed the channel, and was viewing a football match.

Deniz slipped back into her memories. That was the first day after she had seen her friends off at the Istanbul airport.

Mehmet had already felt her love in his heart, when he had seen her the very first day, when she was sitting with her friends in the restaurant. But due to his position he had brushed the idea off his mind. He was a boy from a remote village; she was the daughter of a wealthy businessman. But he was shocked the next day in the morning, when he found her on the door of the restaurant.

It was too early, the restaurant had just opened. There were no customers. Even the cook had not arrived.. Mehmet had immediately recognized her, and came nearer asking her if she wanted to have something.

“Yes,” she had said. She wanted to have something to eat. Mehmet became surprised a bit. Something in his heart whispered. “She has come to meet you Mehmet, He laughed at his own idea. But that was the fact.

Deniz could not have slept the whole night, after she had returned from the airport, to see her friends off. She had already realized that she had fallen in love with Mehmet, and that was why she had decided to stay alone for some more time in Istanbul.

 Mehmet could not find anything in urgency except some eggs. The delivery man had not yet arrived. It was too early in the morning. He made an omelet of

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