Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Ferit was startled. The style of writing was exhibiting the agony and seriousness of the writer. Something seriously had taken place at that address. Somebody was dying there. But where was the Shenol Apartments in Kadikoy. Ferit started thinking.

All of a sudden he recalled that the name of the building where Deniz and Mehmet were living was also Shenol Apartment. “But there may be more than one apartment buildings of this in Kadikoy area”? he murmured. But there was not much time to think on this idea. He must not lose any further time. “I must act immediately. Somebody was dying at that address,” he said.

Ferit got hold of Susanta and started pulling him towards the door, explaining his findings, at the same time. They started running towards the same building, where they had been a little time earlier. But Susanta was thinking differently. In his opinion, it was a joke. Somebody with the username of Applegreen was trying to be funny. But with whom? They did not have any knowledge of the recipient of the message. There was however, no time to reopen the laptop and investigate further.

Ferit once again used the same method of getting the main door of the building opened. He pressed all the eight buttons. “Who is there?” came the voice from flat number 4, second floor. “Mehmet, opened the door immediately, its urgent. I am Ferit,” He had recognized the voice of Mehmet . Mehmet was sitting , watching the football match on his television. He was not expecting Ferit at that moment.

He was infact, at that time, planning to get rid of the dead body of Deniz. “Well, the third one has by himself come to me,” he said to himself. Ferit was the third one, on his

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