Wednesday, 17 August 2011


He was lying there, unconscious, blood oozing out of his head and nose. His neck appeared to be broken. He looked lifeless. Hot red blood had colored the white marble stair and the white wall, too.   

Mehmet reached him first. Ferit and Susanta had had to cover more stairs to reach where Kamal was lying unconscious. “You must call ambulance first,” Ferit shouted towards Mehmet, who appeared shocked. However he started calling the ambulance immediately, thinking that the ambulance should be late in coming. He wanted his second culprit dead before the arrival of any medical help.

Mehmet turned back to see Susanta, who was standing next to Ferit. “Who is he,” he asked himself. The skin colour of Susanta was sufficiently to declare that he was an Indian. Something flashed through Mehmet`s mind. The person, who had just fallen down the stairs, had repeatedly said that he was not an Indian. “Is this new entrant the Indian that Deniz was expecting”, he thought. But Mehmet dismissed that idea instantly. That was not the stage where he should bother himself by such questions. He looked curiously towards Kamal, who appeared dead to him. His plan had clicked.

Mehmet was happy. He had got rid of Susanta and Deniz. Now only Ferit had left. He however, did not have any idea that the person, who had just fallen down the stairs, was not Susanta but Kamal. But who was Kamal? Nobody there had the answer to this question. His presence was a question mark to all the parties, who were trying to solve the problem.

Ferit, had looked at Kamal, falling down. However, he had also noticed that his laptop was also falling down,

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