Wednesday, 17 August 2011


He was preparing sandwiches in the kitchen. His mind instantly went to the sandwiches that he had made last night for himself, and Deniz. With the pieces of bread in his hand, he started going back the memory lane.

 “Mehmet, would you like to have sandwiches,” Deniz was asking him. He had just returned from the hotel. He was tired and hungry. He had always been eating at the hotel. But that was when he had not married. Since they were married, he always tried to eat together with Deniz. They were deeply in love.

“But I think I am a better cook then you,” Mehmet had said laughingly. He immediately, sensed the severity of his joke. Her face changed color. She had taken Mehmet`s statement wrongly. “No, my dear, I didn`t mean that,” he said, running towards the Kitchen, where Deniz had already arranged everything. Mehmet took hold of her. “My dear, don’t take it so seriously. It was just a joke,” he was too concerned. He never wanted her to be annoyed. He had tried to be funny, but the joke had fallen back on him.

“Look if you don’t prepare the sandwiches by your own hands, and don’t eat with me sitting right here, I would not eat anything, and would remain hungry,” Mehmet used the last argument. That was the last thing that Deniz could bear.

Mehmet preferred to stand at the kitchen door. She started preparing the sandwiches. “Let I help you,” Mehmet said, taking out the beeflets from the tin. He looked towards her. Her eyes were full of tears.

He could not bear that scene. She too had come from her office a bit earlier. She too was tired. But she was preparing sandwiches for him. Mehmet held her face up.

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