Thursday, 18 August 2011


short, but she loved her long hair. They were beautiful. In the end she decided to leave them open and decided to put a cotton band over her head to stop them falling over her forehead.

Her bag was filled with her track suits, shorts, shoes, and what not.

With her bag on her shoulder, dressed in a light blue track suit, she was wearing her favorite black sports shoes. It was early in the morning, and Istanbul was a bit cold that morning. She was just leaving when her mother came out with light blue full sleeved sweater in her hand. “Take it with you, you may need it, it’s cold outside,” she said. She did not have any place left in her bag. Rushing to the door she snatched the sweater from her hand, and hurriedly wrapped her round her waist. She ran out of the building, heading for the park with quick steps.

She entered the main gate of the park, running. Her long hair was flowing in the morning breeze, as if trying to catch her from behind.  Her bag was heavy and was
obviously disturbing her pace, but she was determined to continue running, even if her pace was slow. There was not much time left. She was in a rush. Her blue sweater was still wrapped round her waist. She was totally indifferent to her surroundings.

Mustafa had selected this park especially due to its greenery and flowers. The green leaves filled extended branches of tall old trees from both sides of the red
pavement, had met with each other, providing a sense of covered pavement at certain points. There were too many flowers of different colors, all through the breadth and length of the park. He wanted to have some impressive photographs of them. He had come early in the park, so that he would be able to catch the natural freshness of the flowers and leaves. Mustafa, working for a local

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