Thursday, 18 August 2011


                             CHAPTER 7

Ferit was a good artist, having his studio in a modest shop in the back lanes of Istiklal Boulevard in Kadikoy area of eastern Istanbul. He was not very popular, yet he was a hard worker. He was young. Like many other artists, painting was his love and passion.

A few days back, he did have a successful exhibition of his paintings, in a private art gallery. He managed to sell a good quantity of them. After paying the commission of the gallery owner and other expenses, he was happy that he did not end up as loser.


It was not the first exhibition of his paintings. He had had two previous exhibitions to his credit. He always considered exhibitions of paintings in galleries, as an advertisement for doing business, not business itself. If that could bring some money in that’s good. Otherwise he had always considered exhibitions as a source to meet more people, more possible customers.

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