Thursday, 18 August 2011


Ferit met Mehmet and Deniz, first time in that exhibition. They were there looking at his paintings, like other visitors. Hands in hands, they were portraying a happy family. She was wearing a beautiful dress in light pink. Ferit defined that colour as the onion colour. It was so light pink. He was attracted at the first glance. A small applegreen scarf was hanging knotted down her beautiful neck. She was attractive.

But it was not just her dress that attracted Ferit. There was something else in her that had made her different, from the rest. That was her face. Her eyes were a bit smaller than usual, but not either Chinese or Japanese. Her nose was not too long, a bit short but broad. Her smiling lips were completing her beautiful face. He considered her to be a Filipino, married to a Turk.

Mehmet was a classical Turk in appearance. Well built and attractive. In his white half sleeved shirt and dark green pent he appeared well harmonized with the beauty of her wife. He was taking long steps, as if he was participating in a military parade. Ferit found that somewhat funny. “He must have finished his military training only recently,” he had thought.

Ferit was taking care of his other guests. He had to deal with the visitors interested in buying the paintings. Some were getting the paintings of their choice reserved for them, to be paid later on. He was busy. But frequently his eyes were chasing Deniz, might be due to the contrast colors of applegreen and light onion color or might be because of different features of her face. He found them talking with each other frequently.

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