Thursday, 18 August 2011


Kamal, all of a sudden decided to change his approach. He thought of giving Ferit a shock, like he had given him when he had entered his studio. He took out the photo of the two daisies from his pocket, and put that on the table, in front of him. Ferit looked at the photo, as he came back with tea in his hand. “From where you have found that, it’s my painting,” he could not stop himself from asking. Kamal kept quite, he wanted to enjoy the reaction. Reaction indeed was as he had expected.

Ferit took his time, to think, what that photo was all about. However, he found the answer in the end. Kamal
was sitting on the other side of the small table, not too      far from him. An expression of satisfaction was playing on the faces of both of them, but indeed once again under two grossly differing assumptions.

Kamal was satisfied. He had succeeded in giving a shock to Ferit. According to him the smile on Ferit`s face evidenced his realization of the arrival of the last scene of the drama. Both appeared satisfied.

 “Now I realize, how much honest and concerned Deniz was,” Ferid said to himself. He thought that Deniz had already sent an example of his paintings to Susanta, enabling him to gauge the standard of his art. The photo of the two tulips, which came out of the pocket of Kamal, made Ferit believe that.

Both of them were expecting to enter into the final phase of the discussion, without the knowledge of what the fate was having in store for them.

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