Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                            CHAPTER 13

The first day of the exhibition was nearing the end. The visitors were all gone. Ferit was thinking to leave. He noticed continued chasing him, by his eyes. She appeared in a hurry.

She was wearing a beautiful long, brown coloured dress, which was having a Chinese effect in design. The Chinese colar was decorated by yellow coloured lines. It was a full length dress, till her toes. Her black hair were smooth, were flowing down her shoulders. She was looking smart. Ferit continued looking at him with interest. He thought that he had seen her somewhere else too. But where? He could not recall. She was none else but Feriha. 

She did not stop to look at the paintings. She hurriedly went to the place where a little earlier the painting of the two daisies was hanging. Deniz and Mehmet had just got that packed and had taken away. “Where has that

painting gone,” Feriha asked Ferit, who was not too far away from her. “How did she know that I am the artist?,” Ferit asked himself.

Ferit went near to her. Feriha told him that she was there at the opening of the exhibition, and had seen all the paintings.

“But I received a call, so I had to go away urgently,” she said. She wanted to buy that painting of two tulips. She liked that painting, and was too eager to buy it.

Feriha lied, because she did not want to tell anybody about her illness. In fact she had forgotten to take her medicines that evening, and when she arrived at the opening of the exhibition, her hands had started trembling and her fingers were becoming motionless. So she had to rush back to take the medicines. By the time she returned back, it was quite late.

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