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                                       CHAPTER 12

Volkan was a well established businessman in Bursa. He was doing fine in import export of household items. Years earlier the business that he had started in a small shop, had bloomed, and now he was having a couple of branches in Istanbul and Izmir. Lately, he had erected his own factory in Bursa, producing household items.

He was having a good reputation in the business circles. Deniz was his only daughter. She had just completed her university in marketing. She was a hardworking student, who succeeded in getting good grades. Her father had decided to have her in his business. Energetic and hardworking, indeed she was, so his father was expecting her to be a valuable asset for the company. But Deniz on the other hand was not thinking in the same terms. She wanted to study further. She had decided to become a teacher.

This topic had frequently been discussed among them. But they never agreed. At times her mother too used to enter the discussion. Their discussions however never led to any decision whatever. Usually his wife had had to intervene to cool them down. Deniz was a somewhat spoilt sort of child.  That was natural too, since she was their only child. Brought up in wealth, she was used to have what she wanted to.

That was what she wanted to do again. But her father had already taken his decision. This way or that, he was going to have her in his business. “But she has just finished her studies”, said her mother, as once again the arguments between the father and daughter started heating up. She suggested that at least she should have a nice holiday. “May be in a different atmosphere, she would rethink about her decision,” her mother tried to bring into something new into the discussion. “Yes mama you are great”, said Deniz, as she hung into her neck, as if she was still a two years old toddler. The tense mood of the room eased with a happy note.

Deniz, immediately took out her phone, and started contacting her friends. “Mama, my friends too would be going with me,” she asked her mom as if asking for her permission. Permission was in fact, already given. It was just a formality. She ran into the room and started packing for a week long tour of Istanbul.

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