Thursday, 18 August 2011


 “Oh it’s the time for my favourite tv serial drama,” Deniz said, almost forgetting what she was going to tell Mehmet about the reason of her visit to the studio of  Ferit. “Won`t you mind if I change the channel” she asked Mehmet, almost hanging by his neck, like a child. He nodded and she changed the channel. Her drama serial had already started. She concentrated herself to the screen of the television.

“I think I should find something for myself to eat,” Mehmet stood. “Oh yes dear, I am sorry, you would have to help yourself. Everything is ready. I know you can manage it,” Deniz did not want to leave the suspense of the drama. Mehmet stood, headed towards the kitchen.

“I have already prepared the sandwitches, all you have to do is to put them in the microwave and they would be ready,” she said. Although she did not want to leave the seat, but she was uneasy, for making Mehmet work in kitchen. “Do you want me to come,” she could not stop herself from asking. “No, its ok, dear,” Mehmet said. He was weighing the knife in his hand, thinking would it be suitable to cut pieces of Deniz, his belowed wife, who was sitting not very far away from the place, watching the television, not having any idea at all what was awaiting her.

Mehmet came out of the kitchen, having two sandwiches, one for each of them. Deniz accepted the one extended to her. They were sitting side by side, their bodies were touching each other, but they were miles away from each other. Each of them was having different plans for the immediate future.

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