Wednesday, 17 August 2011


                               CHAPTER 35

“Why I have taken these laptops?” Ferit was thinking while going to his home. He was carrying both the laptops of Kamal and of Feriha. He did not know the names of the two either. He had taken the laptop of Kamal from the staircase of the building, and that of Feriha from her room.

“Her eyes were saying something. She was trying to convey some message to me,” Ferit recalled the moment that had led him pick the laptop of Feriha. What he could not understand was the fact that Feriha wanted him to give that laptop to Susanta, who was not giving due attention to her. She had tried to convey the message to Susanta, But Susanta did not have any idea as to what was going on. She had then shifted her attention to Ferit, to whom at least she did know, to some extent. Ferit did understand her message, but only to a particular extent. Not all.

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