Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                  CHAPTER 25

Kamal could not sleep properly that night. He was painting on the portrait that was urgent, but his mind was not present with him. His brush continued working on his canvas, but his mind was still busy in the dialogues that were exchanged the day before between them.

“How can I prove my innocence? There is no way to prove,” he was helpless. The more he thought on this issue, the more he became confused. He could not find  any way out, that would prove his innocence to her. It was too important to him, much more important for their relationship. The same point would come up again and again, and would ruin their relationship. But unfortunately there was no solution.

His laptop was open as always. DABEGGO was his home page. His id and password were automatic. So that whenever he opened his laptop, his profile used to open automatically. He was online always, automatically. There was no need to click anywhere.

He again looked at the page. It was open as always. But the window in the middle of the page, where the incoming messages used to pop up automatically, was blank. There was no new message from her.

He was confused. Should he say sorry to her? “Sorry, but for what,” a voice came from his mind. “She was rude to me, she was unjust, she was unrealistic, she was untrue, she was insulting, and what not,” he continued thinking. In his opinion she should say sorry for her misbehavior.

Far away, in the eastern part of Istanbul, on the fourth floor, Feriha too was confused in the same thoughts. She was feeling uneasyt, by not talking to him. “But what I think is not unrealistic. Who knows, he is enjoying with other friends of his with different IDs,” she said to herself. “But you were rude to him. You could have discussed it more politely,” her mind tried to push her, towards a more reasonable solution.

Rang the much awaited bell in Kamal`s laptop. He jumped. “It must be she,” he said.

It was she.

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