Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                   CHAPTER 5

Feriha stood up and made herself another cup of tea. Back in her rest chair in the balcony, she started sipping hot tea. With her head on the seatback, she wanted to take rest. She had sprawled a black shawl on her open arms. It was getting dark and cooler. She closed her eyes. Her past started opening on the screen in her mind. Frame by frame important and unimportant events, milestones of her life, fast started coming and going.

Her mind took her twelve years back. She had been a promising athlete in her school days. She was a champion, a constant medal winner, a well known name in athletics circles. She was representing the Istanbul
University, in national meets. Feriha was an expected name to be selected in the Turkish squad for the oncoming Olympics. She was working hard.

She was a sprinter, running for laurels. Her medals and shields were all over in their sitting room. She was living alone with her widow mother. But Feriha was not listening to her. Feriha had not ever thought of marrying orloving or being loved. Life for her was just to run for victory, in the athletics meets. Cheers and applauds of the crowds in the stands, were all that she needed, and she

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