Thursday, 18 August 2011


Her screen name was APPLEGREEN. She herself did not know why she had selected that screen name. It had just come to her mind, when she was becoming member of DABEGGO. So she selected that name to represent her. Indeed that was a sweet name. All her friends on the net knew her by that name. She never told them anything about herself. That had been her foremost principle on the net.

She was polite, cooperative and honest with her friends. But she had not put her personal information on her profile page. No name, no photo, no email address, no telephone number or address. Nothing was there. She wanted to remain in hiding. But she never left any of her friends unattended. She became too popular in a short period of time. Most of her friends did try to know her identity but she never told them anything.
 She wanted to remain in hiding as Applegreen, Let Applegreen deal with everybody in her place. Applegreen was successful in dealing with the traffic of her ever increasing number of friends on DABEGGO. The latest number of her friends on her profile was 225. She was never saying No to anybody asking to be her friend. She wanted to come in touch with as many persons as possible from everywhere in the world.

She wanted to be happy. The souring number of her friends was sufficient to ensure a sense of happiness, bringing to her.
She felt herself happy by looking at the messages that they used to send to her.

But Kamal was different. He wanted to know who she was. She appeared to be a challenge to him, since she had not spoken a single word about her actual identity. Every

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