Wednesday, 17 August 2011


However, from the point of view of Ferit, his plan was progressing according to his visualization. He had decided not to meet Feriha anymore, but he never wanted to leave his mission uncompleted.

The next morning, Ferit left a bouquet of flowers by the front door of Feriha`s flat. When the maid arrived, she found the boquet and gave it to Feriha. “Who has sent this to me,” Feriha asked with a feeling of astonishment. “It’s from some Kamal,” the maid replied. Feriha got astonished. “Does he still love me,” she asked herself. There was nobody with whom she could ask this question. “Does he still want to continue,” she again asked. But there was no answer.

She must contact Ferit immediately, but it was already late for her. Ferit was not going to meet her. 

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