Thursday, 18 August 2011


Life was in full swing, four floors down, on the Istiklal Boulevard. Feriha was still sitting on her resting chair, with closed eyes. Tears were slowly flowing out of the corners of her eyes. Her face was shockingly white. She had once again lived that terrible chapter of her life. She had been experiencing the same feeling everyday since the day Mustafa had died.

She could not develop the courage to run anymore. She left athletics. She had closed herself within herself. The word Love was no more in her dictionary. She never experienced the same feeling again. She had decided never to fall in love again. She was afraid.                                           

But Kamal had shaken her from inside. She had started feelings of love for him. But she did not want to repeat the same story. “No, I will not tell him my true identity”, she decided. “I AM NOT WORTH LOVING. NOBODY SHOULD LOVE ME. I DON’T WANT ANY OTHER
MUSTAFA DIE”, her past had been ruling her present and she had decided to let her future too be the same. This doctrine of hers has made her a psychological patient, which were fast affecting her nervous system. She wanted to remain applegreen for all and for Kamal too. She did not want to lose Kamal too, like she had lost Mustafa. She wanted to keep on loving Kamal as Applegreen. Feriha would remain in the hiding.

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