Thursday, 18 August 2011


They were returning from shopping. They were both off that day.

She started following them with interest. Mehmet was wearing a black pent and a light brown shirt. He was handsome. He was carrying some bags filled with their evening shopping. Deniz, constantly talking to him, was wearing an all white dress. An applegreen colored band over her black hair was completing her dressing for that evening. “She has got some special affection for this color”, Feriha said to herself, referring to the applegreen color band of Deniz. “I am applegreen, but she wears that color instead of me,” she said to herself laughingly. Talking, with hands locked with each other, she saw them entering the building.

Again she stood up and went inside, where her laptop was open waiting for a message from Kamal. He was not
online the whole day. She was getting restless. She had sent so many messages, but there was no reply. He appeared vanished from the scene. There were so many messages in her message box, sent by her other friends, but she was not in the mood of replying to them. 

She had nothing to do, but to wait for the message of Kamal.

She wrote
Applegreen: I am waiting. Where are youuuuuuuuuu

She had sent uncounted messages with the same feelings, but there was no reply. She continued waiting.

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