Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Ferit, using his users name and password. He did not know that she had messaged her address to him. He did not know that she was lying in hospital, paralyzed. He did not know anything at all.  

He turned back to his laptop. There was no reply. He started writing again. But at the same time he noticed he had received a friend request. The name of the sender was Feriha. He had been receiving such requests frequently. Most of them however, he used to report as spam. He had been saying no to all others, because he never wanted to be in friendship with anyone else but his Applegreen.

He opened the request to delete it. The mail was from Feriha who had mentioned that her original account was deleted and since she couldnot create another account by the same username, so she was using this name.

 “What?,” he asked himself in disbelief, forgetting that there could not be two accounts by the same name on DEBAGGO. He clicked YES to add Feriha as his friend. Her profile opened. Once again there was a dummy face staring him. There was no face. The details on the profile were almost the same. The account was created a couple of hours back, and she was online there. “Oh,” he almost cried in joy. “My Applegreen, my Feriha is waiting for me,” he was overjoyed.

As he returned back to his own page, he found an another message in his inbox, sent by Feriha. He opened the message.

Feriha : I was hospitalized last week, so I could not contact you. Now back I found out that something had happened to

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