Thursday, 18 August 2011


Susanta: But how will I find you. I mean will you come to my hotel room, or you would call me to decide where we would be meeting.

Mehmet was shocked. His mind blew up. As if he had been shot at. His face changed colour. He was standing there motionless, He felt himself as gone out of this world. He was no more from this world.

Still not fully back in his senses, he started reading the reply of his wife, who was his beloved wife till a few moments earlier.

Deniz: No I will not come to your hotel room. The best way for you is to come to the Studio of Ferit. I will tell him about you. He is there in his studio, for most part of the day. We can meet there.

Susanta: Ok as you wish. Then tell me where his studio is

Deniz: When you reach the main crossing of Kadikoy, its there third shop in the second lane on the right side of the road. But in case you fail to find his place then just give me a ring.

Susanta : Ok I hope to meet you and Ferit both tomorrow in the morning at around 9 AM

Deniz : Ok bye

Susanta : Bye

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