Wednesday, 17 August 2011


photo was given by Deniz to Susanta. That was logical and fact. But why Deniz had given the same photo to the other person, and for reason ?. The most interesting point was that they both were having the same photo in their pocket and more interestingly both of them were invited to the same address. The studio of Ferit was the address given to both of them. The situation was too confused.

Ferit took the photo in his hand, and brought the other photo also. Putting the two photos side by side, everything became crystal clear to him. He recalled the lady who had come at the last moments of the exhibition, and wanted to purchase the same painting, which Ferit had already sold to Deniz and Mehmet. He recalled that he had repainted the same painting second time, and had given to that lady. Everything flashed into his mind.

The complexities of the problem had appeared loosening up but still there were so many questions worth answering. “Who was that lady”, was the most crucial question. The second question was about what was the role of that lady in all that was going on. Had she actually played any role, or was that just his guesswork.

The situation had become crystal clear to him now. There were two paintings, almost same to each other. But Ferit, being the artist, had recalled the differences between the two. But the biggest difference between the two that Ferit had noticed, by putting them side by side, was the colour of the curtains, on side of the painting. The colour of the curtains in one photo was pink and white in the other. The photos were taken at different places, but may be in the rooms, very similar to each other.

Ferit told his observations to Susanta, who agreed to that. But the problem was to find the other lady. Ferit did not know her address. He knew that she was living in the

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