Thursday, 18 August 2011


newspaper, was a professional photographer, who did have an eye for beauty.

Indifferent of her surroundings Feriha was rushing through the long pavement, trying to finish it as early as possible. She could not notice Mustafa and his camera.

Mustafa, had just put his camera on his eye, he had focused a bunch of yellow flowers, hanging from the branch, with morning dew dripping out of the extended petals. He was standing in that position on the opposite side, with the pavement passing between him and the flowers.

Everything happened precisely at that fraction of the second. He could not stop himself from pressing the shutter of the camera. He had already committed himself to press the button, as her face came in between his lens and the yellow flowers on that leaves clotted branch of
the tree on the other side of the pavement. The camera recorded that precise moment.

She turned her head, confused, stopped with a thud after the third step. She was going fast, almost running. Although she did not have the full idea of what had happened, but she had realized that something had went wrong. All that she could do was to turn and say sorry. Mustafa smiled, nodded, as if nothing had happened.. She continued with briskly steps, without realizing that
her sudden stop had unwrapped her blue sweater, which had fallen, and she had not noticed. She was getting late. She continued heading fast, as if nothing had happened.

But something serious did have happened. Something that she could not understood.

Mustafa was very sure he had caught a very rare shot. Feriha was indeed attractive. He noticed her fallen light

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