Wednesday, 17 August 2011


since the day she first met him, had ultimately got a name.

Feriha had realized that she might not be able to meet and speak to Kamal if she loses senses of her fingers again. “What would happen if I lose my fingers again………or may be a part of my body,” she had thought. In such a case, she would never get a chance to contact him again. She would never be able to tell him her real identity. She had prepared herself for taking the most crucial and bold decision of her life.

It was still early. The Istanbul weather was pleasant that morning. She had kept the sliding glass door leading to the gallery, open. The window on the other side, in the same wall was also open. She wanted to feel the pleasant wind. Slow wind was blowing, and she was enjoying that important day of her life. The incoming wind was slowly swinging the pink curtains of the room. The painting of the two tulips, was hanging in the middle of the wall. The swinging pink curtains on its both sides were giving it a pleasant color combination.

Feriha was all smiles. She was going to tell Kamal about her final decision. She had decided to be his. “What would be his reaction?” she asked herself, but could not find out any possible reply. So she left everything as collateral. She knew that her declaration of love for him would shock him. And his reply would bring her all happiness for her life. So she wanted to be shocked by his reply. She wanted to let everything take its natural course.

She wanted to clean the house. For so many days, she had not been able to do anything. She had employed a helper temporarily for the period. But she was never satisfied by her work. But she was unable to do anything by herself. She did have to bear whatever that woman was doing for her. She did not have anybody

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