Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                          CHAPTER 15

“But daddy I am not a child anymore”, she was talking to her father on telephone. She wanted to stay for some more days in Istanbul, and her friends wanted to go back. They had spent the whole week seeing most of Istanbul They wanted to go back, but Deniz was insisting to stay. As always, her father agreed to allow her a few more days. She was too happy, to be in Istanbul for some more time, all alone.

“With Mehmet?”, she thought. Mehmet was all too happy when Deniz told her the same evening. He had just finished his job, and was free. The two fresh lovers continued strolling, hands in hand, in the cool breeze near the Dolma Bahche Palace, in the Beshiktash area.

They were having just a very short period of time in their hands, and they had had to finalize so many delicate issues. The decisions that would change the lives of both of them. They took their decisions very fast. They agreed to marry at the earliest.

With her heart, lost in Istanbul, Deniz arrived in Bursa. The very next day her father reopened the old dispute regarding the decision for her future. Still lost in thoughts of Mehmet, Deniz burst out. She could not stop herself from announcing her decision to her father. She had planned to inform her mother first, about her decision of marrying Mehmet, so that she would deal with her father. But she could not control herself and told him what she did not want to. 

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