Wednesday, 17 August 2011


There was no doubt, he was a talented artist, but everybody was more interested in his portraits of the lady without a face. Every portrait, spoke of his mastery. He had showed his class by hiding her face, in very natural way. However, even the chief guest could not stop himself from asking him the identity of the lady. Kamal, simply smiled, but did not say anything.

 But Ferit had not turned up yet. Kamal, had never thought that he would leave him at such a crucial time. But he did not find him there.

But it was not just the absence of Ferit only that he had felt. He was expecting Applegreen to visit the exhibition. There were quite too many women among the guests. He looked at each and every one of them with great care. He was fully confident that he would be able to recognize her. But when he tried to look at the guests with that feeling, he realized that he might miss her.

“What if she comes but I fail to recognize her and she returns back”, that was his logical fear. But he could not do anything for that. “But why Ferit has not come”, he became desperate. Ferit was his last chance to find her. In his opinion only Ferit could recognize the lady whom he had sold the second painting of the two tulips. But he was not there even. All his hopes appeared dashing down.

Beside mixing up with the guests, and providing them information about his works, his eyes remained busy in trying to find the lady of his dreams. But so far he had not succeeded. He was missing Ferit very much. He tried to contact him on his mobile but he was not responding. “Something wrong must have happened to him”, he said to himself. A big number of guests, who did know that Ferit was the main figure in organizing that exhibition, had also noticed his absence. Most of them had asked

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