Thursday, 18 August 2011


Mehmet was standing in front of the computer. The last dialogues between the two were still there, in front of him. Nothing had changed, but Mehmet’s everything had been changed. He was shaking in anger, ready to explode. His face had been turned red. His fists clinched.

His mind was busy trying to understand what had happened. For him, everything of his had finished. He was burning with extreme desire to take the revenge.

But from whom he would take his revenge?




“All these three have destroyed my life. They have put my house on fire. They have brought my dreams to doom. They are the culprits. They must be punished.” Mehmet was talking to himself.

“But who is this Susanta,” Mehmet wanted to know. He sat on the computer and wrote SUSANTA in search. The page opened before him, exhibited too many persons of the same name, with varying descriptions. “Which one of them is the really Susanta that Deniz loves,” He was perplexed. Just to try his luck, he opened a few of them.

Susanta………the graphic world
Susanta ……...the documentary film maker

And many others……………..

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