Wednesday, 17 August 2011


She looked at her pink dress. She took out her pink dress and  looked at it. She remembered the day when the whole story had started, due to this pink dress, Since that day she had taken good care of it. It was going to have a very important place in the days to come. The pink gown slowly gave way to the pink dress. A new Feriha was there in the mirror, ready to start her new life.

She did like her title. “Pink lady,” she said in a voice, that only she could hear. A whisper. No one was there. She was alone. Even then she did not want to say it loudly. There was nobody to be afraid of. Let only she and Kamal know this title of hers Pink lady. She was going to be the same for whole of her life. “Pink Lady,” she repeated once again and smiled.

There she was. Ready for the great moment. The last swift of pink lipstick had made her the real pink lady. She had made her ready in such a way as if she was going to meet Kamal . She smiled. “But he is thousands of kilometers away from Istanbul,” she said.

But Kamal wasn’t too far from her. Just two floors down, he was over there. But both of them did not know anything.

Feriha opened her laptop. She was still pressing her fingers. A feeling of slight numbness was present. She was not too good in computers, so she did have to open every page and window to reach her page on DABEGGO. It was not so automatic, like Kamal had made.

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